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Work at Lemon 🍋

We offer interdisciplinary joy and a home away from home

Lemon is a solid and secure employer who is fortunate to be allowed to work with some of the most exciting and challenging real estate players in Norway.

Right now we have no vacancies, but that does not mean we do not need you. We may just not know it yet!

If you have a background in marketing, digital development, storytelling or the real estate industry - or for other reasons feel that Lemon can be a new home for you - then we would like to hear from you. Send us an open application today, and we promise you will hear from us ❤️

Subjects, development and well-being

At Lemon, you will have committed colleagues of different ages and with different backgrounds and education. Common to us all is that we are passionate about our subject, and that we are able to work together towards an overall goal; customer results. We have expertise and experience that allows us to contribute in all phases of large real estate projects, including research and fieldwork, consulting at an early stage, creative development of profile and concept, ongoing marketing on various platforms and development of digital tools for use in marketing . All our employees contribute what they do best, and there is a continuous transfer of knowledge and a solid collaboration between the subjects.

Skilled colleagues who know their subject, who care about the customers, who care about results. Caring colleagues who care about you, who dare to let you become part of the work family. That means everything.

Vebjørn L. Berg Senior System Developer

We live in a world where we cannot guarantee what the future holds. But we can guarantee that we at Lemon will try to break down barriers to what is possible to deliver on behalf of our customers. We will continue to deliver a safe, modern and inspiring environment where we and (perhaps) you can develop and create added value for both our colleagues and our customers.

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